Planting Business Association

by M. Andre Primus

We are once again working as the Street Liaisons for the NW and SE quadrants of Rochester. As Street Liaisons, we work to increase investment and lower vacancy rates on commercial corridors.

One of our outreach areas this year is East Main Street between Goodman Street and Culver Road, a street that is slowly improving through the efforts of the City and the EMMA Neighborhood Association. While I was doing my rounds on East Main, going into each business to give them information about funding opportunities from the city, I also asked them if they were interested in being part of a business association. We have helped assemble business associations on South Clinton Avenue, Dewey Avenue, and have supported Monroe Avenue merchants. We think EMMA is ripe for some organized merchants as well.

In collaboration with Dorothy Parham of the EMMA Neighborhood Association, who has volunteered to facilitate the EMMA Business Association, we organized a meeting on January 31st to introduce the idea to business owners.

It was a great meeting, with representatives from the City of Rochester and from the South Clinton Merchants Association, and some very receptive business owners! We are planning the next meeting and hope to expand the business association in a way that accelerates the growth of the corridor and the neighborhood.

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