New Home of Highland Planning

by Tanya Zwahlen

It’s April, the snow has melted, and we are settled into our new office at 820 South Clinton Avenue. I need to share photos before I spill coffee on the carpet!


If you think I could design an office that looks good by myself, you are wrong. The office layout and architectural services were provided by Staach. Staach also built our desks and conference tables. The furniture selection and color scheme was designed by the talented Whitney Tesler from The White Workshop. We commissioned a mural by St. Monci.

Many thanks to our construction crew and finishers: Mike, John, Steve, Carl, Ted, Jay, Wayne, Dave, Cory, Peanut, and Hot Sauce. I’m also grateful to my friends Justin, Lyjha, Davin, Jeff, and my husband Christian for putting together the Ikea kitchenettes over the course of six or seven nights. The instructions have no words, only images. Let’s just say there were some low moments during that process.


Downstairs, This Good World has moved into the first floor office space. Seeing Lisa Kribs-LaPierre, Gavin Thomas and Lisa’s dog Lola every day makes the building feel like a community, even though it’s still only half occupied. The Playhouse/Swillburger space is still under construction, but we expect them to start slinging burgers and video games in June.

In summary, yay for historic building adaptive reuse! Yay for real desks and chairs! Yay for sunlight and bowling lockers in our work space! Yay for biking to work! Please come visit us soon.

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