Housing Needs Analysis For Washington County

By Susan Hopkins AICP 
Service providers, elected officials, and members of the public meet to discuss housing needs and solutions in Washington County, NY.
Last summer and fall, we teamed up with MM Development Advisors, Inc to complete a Housing Needs Assessment and Action Plan. The purpose was to assess the housing needs and gaps faced by homeless individuals and families throughout the county and to provide recommendations for viable homeless and transitional housing project options for Washington County to pursue in conjunction with service providers.

In addition to leading stakeholder outreach, Highland completed a housing needs assessment. It was a great opportunity to weave together two of my favorite things: technical analysis public engagement. I believe both activities are strengthened when they are informed by the other.

The analysis established a clear need within the County for quality, affordable housing of all kinds—and particularly for populations that are homeless or at-risk of becoming homeless. The accompanying action plan identified development opportunities, sample development models, strategic partners and funding, sample development and operating budgets, and recommended next steps.

Christopher developed this  interactive map of housing resources available to residents of the county, which the County can update and modify over time as resources change.

Read the full report here. 

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