DIY Complete Streets in Tonawanda

Susan Hopkins & Jen Topa 

Do-it-yourself temporary street improvements—a.k.a. “Tactical Urbanism” events are a powerful way to demonstrate the benefits of Complete Streets.

As part of a larger Complete Streets initiative, the Town of Tonawanda, with help from Highland Planning and TY Lin, organized a Tactical Urbanism event along Parker Boulevard to help demonstrate the benefits of a Complete Streets design. The demonstration included protected crosswalks, parking modifications, narrowed vehicle lanes, bike lanes, and a mini-roundabout at the Parker-Decatur intersection.

The Town used a variety of creative materials and techniques to simulate the effects of street improvements, including stormwater silt socks, cones, chalk paint, used tires, reflective tape, and temporary signs.

Highland team members Jen Topa and Sue Hopkins were on hand for set up earlier this week. Within minutes of re-opening the street, cars, bikes and pedestrians were flowing through the intersection smoothly. The Town will be collecting feedback about the demonstration through an online survey.

Kudos to Tonawanda!  For a video of the completed demonstration, click here.

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