Documenting Neighborhood Memories

by Tanya Zwahlen This weekend, on behalf of the City of Rochester, we conducted outreach at the Bull's Head Community Fair. This engagement was part of the Bull's Head Brownfield Opportunity Area project,…

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Survey Says

by Susan Hopkins Surveys are a classic tool in the planning profession. Every project needs a survey. They’re a cheap and easy way to gather public feedback. Right? Not exactly.…

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The Neo Traditional Vacation

by Tanya Zwahlen ​I was on vacation last week in a planner's paradise. Rosemary Beach is located along the Gulf Coast of Florida and, in spite of the 22 hour…

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How Do People Engage? Results From Our First “Opt-In” Survey

Opt-In is an online panel we created to gather feedback and public opinions on a variety of topics impacting the future of communities in Western New York. Topics include transportation, parks, economic development and quality-of-life. In our first Opt-in survey, we asked the panel about how they engage, what they find most frustrating about participating in public decisions, what what makes…

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March Madness

By Christopher Dunne “Gamification” is an ugly word but it's also one of our favorite techniques for making complex information and tough choices more fun and engaging for members of…

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Bringing Surveys to Life

by Susan Hopkins It’s been a month since we officially launched MetroQuest and we’re pleased to say it has earned an important spot in our engagement toolbox. What is MetroQuest?…

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