Bringing Surveys to Life

by Susan Hopkins

It’s been a month since we officially launched MetroQuest and we’re pleased to say it has earned an important spot in our engagement toolbox.
What is MetroQuest?
MetroQuest®—is an interactive, online engagement tool that brings surveys to the next level. It features numerous interactive screens that give users the chance to give feedback on a variety of topics, and in a variety of different formats.​Below are a few examples of the different formats:

  • Visioning. Allows participants to share open-ended ideas about a future vision for any project, whether it’s a street, neighborhood, city, or region.
  • Priority ranking. Offers a drag and drop feature that lets users rank issues that are central to your planning effort.
  • Scenario rating. This screen offers an educational element as well as opportunities for feedback. Users can learn more about different scenarios, understand how they match up with priorities, and rate them.
  • Visual preference. This feature lets users select a preferred image among a group of images. This is a great feature for any project with a design component.
  • Image rating. Similar to visual preference, but allows users to rate different images relative to each other.
  • Map markerUsing a Google Map interface, let’s users drag markers to areas of interest or concern and add comments about challenges and opportunities.
  • Budget allocation. A digital take on a classic technique. Participants can allocate dollars to different categories, which can become an educational tool about budget limitations while collecting feedback on priorities.
  • Tradeoffs. This screen lets users rank a series of options in relation to each other. Trade-offs are presented in pairs and participants indicate their preferences on a sliding scale.

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