10 Tips for a Safe COVID-era Pop-Up

By Nancy Raca

Despite all the virtual public engagement we’ve been doing lately due to COVID-19, sometimes there’s just no substitute for meeting people in person. 

That was the case with Highland Planning’s launch of Rochester Transit System’s (RTS) Go Mobile payment system last month. Even though we created several videos showing how the new mobile-payment app works, we knew some riders would benefit from an in-person tutorial. 

The result? Highland Planning staff put together our first socially distanced, COVID-safe pop-up at the local Transit Center. We estimate helping close to 100 people over three days.  

If your project requires in-person outreach, be sure to consider our Pandemic Pop-up Protocols to ensure everyone stays safe and healthy! 

  1. Hold pop-up events outdoors or in large indoor spaces. 
  2. Use tape to mark the floor to indicate a 6-foot perimeter for social distancing. 
  3. Create signage to have people wait six feet away before getting assistance. 
  4. Encourage everyone to wear a mask. Be prepared to provide a mask to those without one. Feel free to decline to interact with someone if they refuse to wear a mask. 
  5. Wear gloves if sharing objects becomes necessary. 
  6. Supply hand sanitizer for anyone who needs it and sanitize hands and gloves at the start and end of each shift and after each interaction. 
  7. Bring alcohol wipes to disinfect phones, tablets, pens, keyboards, and other materials. 
  8. Keep interactions brief. 
  9. Limit each shift to a maximum of 4 hours. 
  10. Schedule no more than 5 shifts per person in any given week. 

What tips do you have for safe public engagement during the pandemic? 


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