Switch It Up

by Jen Topa ​Sometimes you need to switch it up!  On Tuesday, October 8th, we swapped our typical meeting venue for Downtown Grind, a beautiful cafe on North Main Street in…

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Dancing With Surprises

by Susan Hopkins, AICP ​Last week I facilitated a meeting that went off the rails. About ten minutes into the meeting, it became clear that our plan for the group…

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Women At Work

by Jen Topa ​March 8th marked International Women’s Day. It made me think about (1) how my two daughters will thrive in a world that is making strides for better…

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Lead With Engagement

by Susan Hopkins and Tanya Zwahlen Before we became focused on community engagement, we were planners working on transportation, economic development, and community revitalization projects. We’ve done our fair share…

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How To Avoid The Dreaded Lull

by Christopher Dunne It happens to every project: some meetings have been held, your existing conditions have been documented and your technical team is ready to roll up their sleeves,…

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(I Can’t Get No) Satisfice-tion?

By Tanya Zwahlen As past blog posts suggest, I have a love of portmanteaus. Few are as useful as this one from the world of behavioral economics and management science: “satisficing.”…

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